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TCA is a consulting company offering services in project development, project management and project financing. Originating from project development and management as well as process engineering in the global aviation markets, TCA has developed a comprehensive method and toolset, called PROMIS. PROMIS supports you in effectively managing programs and projects.

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TCA’s through it’s partner AMC Airport Maintenance services now also extents it’s PROMIS Project Management Method to the airport maintenance field. AMC has many years of maintaining electrical and mechanical airport- and GSE equipment.    


The Airport Consulting Practice incorporates airport processes ranging from airport management to passengers services and ground handling. At TCA we have historically a strong focus on Information Technology and airport processes. Over the past decade however, we have further developed … Continue reading


Aviation security is one of TCA’s specialist practice areas. Together we internationally renowned partners, we help you to secure your airport or other aviation facilities. Threat Assessment is a vital step in aviation security. All further action highly relate to … Continue reading